Our Gelato

Every day we produce our artisan Gelato using only fresh and natural ingredients.
For our customers we make a rigorous selection of the top-quality ingredients: Pistacchio di Bronte D.O.P., Nocciola tonda gentile delle Langhe, Pinoli Pisa, Cacao Lindt. We select the best fresh seasonal fruits like organic Lemons, Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Wild Strawberries.

We make our cream flavours by using only fresh eggs coming from local farms carefully selected.

  • FiordilatteFiordilatte  Fiordilatte
  • CreamCream  Crema
  • BuontalentiBuontalenti  Buontalenti
  • MalagaMalaga  Malaga
  • HazelnutHazelnut  Nocciola
  • PistachioPistacchio1
  • ChocolateChocolate  Cioccolato
  • NutellaNutella  Nutella
  • FiordinutellaFiordinutella  Fiordinutella
  • BacioBacio  Bacio
  • CoffeeCoffee  Caffé
  • RicottellaRicottella  Ricottella
  • BiscuitBiscuit  Biscottino
  • TrifleTrifle  Zuppainglese
  • StracciatellaStracciatella  Stracciatella
  • Strawberry cream puffStrawberry cream puff  Crema Sfoglia Alla Fragola
  • Blackberry YogurtBlackberry Yogurt  Yogurt alla mora
  • Peach&Cinnamon YogurtPeach&Cinnamon Yogurt  Yogurt Pesca e Cannella
  • PeachPeach  Pesca
  • StrawberryStrawberry  Fragola
  • FigFig  Fico